Who we are

One Uproar has been one of the leading internet service provider in Nakla, Sherpur.

We are the largest Internet Service Provider and the leader in the telecommunications market.

We provide faster internet service for home and corporate users according to the need of customers aspiration. We have expert support team to provide any solution about broadband internet within a short time (30 minutes).

We're committed to making Internet simple for all clients to connect across both our own network and the National Network. Our vision is to lead the market wit services that harness the potential of the Internet and then differentiate with an wining customer service.

Internet Service Provider : An Overview

Why to Choose Us

  • Super Fast Speed For Your Better Work
  • Fast One Uproar Network Than Other Networks
  • Unlimited Data Package in Internet
  • 24/7 Customer Support if You Have Any Issues
  • Downloading High Speed Data For Files Videos etc

our team

A S M Saief
(CEO & Founder)
Arif Rabbani Kajol
(CTO $ Co-Founder)
Awlad Hossain
Md Abdur Rouf Bangali
Rasul Zayedi Azad Tanaka